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Dig Yourself a Hole in Cave Digger for PSVR, Out Now

Are you sad that you missed the mining boom in the 70s? Do you wish you could have been down there, sweating and toiling with other men in the dark? Well, Cave Digger won’t replicate that experience exactly, but it’s the surely the closest you can come to being a real-life miner without having to get a speck of mud on your overalls. You won’t even have to kill a canary.

Developer by MeKiwi, Cave Digger is what the developer call a “casual yet mysterious mining game” that offer multiple endings, depending on how you play. There are puzzles and mysteries to solve, tools to buy and upgrade, and a big old hole that needs digging, obviously.

Cave Digger was originally released last year for PC virtual reality headsets and it seems to have done quite well with the hard-to-please PC crowd. Now it’s our turn to get digging on PSVR.

Mekiwi’s COO Jani Kaipainen added: “We are very happy to reach players in each store, now in PSVR too, but our excitement doesn’t end here! We are working on a very big expansion to feed the hunger of quality VR content hunters out there and now is a great time to catch this game and get familiar with it!”

The expansion, which is yet to be released on PSVR, is set to be completely free. The developers say that the free content update with add several hours of gameplay as well as adding completely new gameplay mechanics to the game. Hard to argue with free, right?

Key Features in Cave Digger

  • 8 unique endings – Some are quite straightforward, others you have to uncover!
  • Plenty of tools – Choose your own way to dig!
  • Numerous riches – Shine bright like a diamond!
  • Tool upgrades – Technology advances in unimaginable ways, making mining more profitable.
  • A competitive mode – Find out who’s the best “Digger” of them all!
  • Free content updates – Besides cute little updates, hold your breath for a giant expansion!
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