DiRT 4 Day One Edition and User Generated Tracks Detailed

The DiRT franchise has a home in the hearts of all rally racer fans. Especially since DiRT 3 and DiRT Rally were so lovingly received on the past two generations of consoles. So we’re confident that gamers who’ve played the series will like to hear what comes next. DiRT 4, which was announced earlier this year, will have a stage creation system where you can produce a near infinite number of courses. You can choose between Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden, and Wales for locations, set the time of day, apply weather conditions, and adjust route length with easy to user sliders. Then you can race on them and share your creation online. Typical user generated stuff. Codemasters even released a video, that can be viewed above, where they go into detail on the feature.

Paul Coleman, DiRT 4’s Chief Game Designer, commented: “Your Stage is something that we have been working on since the launch of DiRT 3 in 2011. It allows players to generate an almost infinite variety of stages at all of the rally locations in DiRT 4. It’s a revelation as now our players will get the thrill of driving a new stage whenever they want. It is extremely simple for you to create a stage but, behind the scenes, we have an extraordinarily complex series of rules and algorithms that put these routes together. Your Stage creates such a huge variety of routes, some that we would never have thought of crafting before, and they’re amazing to drive.

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DiRT 4 will also have a Day One and GAME exclusive edition. The former will come with a Hyundai R5 rally car, a unique event, and a Founder icon. The latter will contain all of the Day One Edition plus a Team Booster pack. That will feature new team offers, staff and facilities bonuses, and a Steelbook option.

Dirt 4 is being developed by Codemasters and is expected to release for the PlayStation 4 on June 9th, 2017. Let us know why you’re excited for the latest entry into the popular, racing series in the comments below! Perhaps conversations of Motorstorm will pop up…


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