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Dirt 5 Delayed By A Week

Dirt 5 is the next rally game on the horizon. But today we have learned that horizon is a little further away than previously thought. That’s because it has been delayed by a week, to now launch on October 16th. But in the grand scheme of things, this is comparable to a little speck of dirt on the windscreen.

Let’s just be thankful it hasn’t hit a rock and the wheels haven’t come off altogether.

Codemasters are not usually known for the delay-to-improve strategy, preferring to firefight between their forums and patch notes instead. So, perhaps it’s caused by a logistical issue. You know, a lack of discs for printing or their postie expecting to be self-isolating the week before. I’m speculating because no specific issue was provided alongside the Tweet. But we very rarely receive an explanation these days – except for the bog standard, ‘[Insert game here] has not met our very high standards; our fans deserve better’.

But even that was missing here.

Anyway, the announcement did at least confirm three days early access for those of you who pre-order the Amplified Edition. Which, in a certain way, reduces the delay somewhat. If that’s worth the price difference is debatable. But if you had your heart set on the second week of October, this compromise would at least get you that little bit closer – you’d almost be travelling back in time!

Thinking a little further ahead, I don’t see this affecting the PS5 release of Dirt 5. Although, we are yet to here when it or the actual console will drop. But there’s going to be enough of a gap between now and then for it to go unnoticed. And let’s not lose our heads too much – it’s only a week, after all, which is a minuscule delay in this industry.

Source: Twitter

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