Dirt 5 Launch Date on the PS5 Remains ‘To Be Confirmed’

Dirt Rally 5 has caught our attention, thanks to its vibrant and varied off-road action. And we’ve already been informed that it will launch on the PlayStation 4 November 6th. However, despite it also releasing on to Microsoft’s next generation console just six days later, no date has yet been given as to when we can expect it on the PlayStation 5. For that nugget of information remains ‘to be confirmed’.

That is disappointing news as gamers struggle with the decision of what game to buy, when and on what console. Especially as we’ve already found out this week that the likes of Yakuza 7 won’t be coming on to Sony’s next hardware offering until four months after it’s available to buy elsewhere. We are, therefore, left with the uncertainty as to whether that will become common practice. Or if SEGA has simply made some sort of deal with Microsoft as to secure early exclusivity.

However, if we can believe a recent statement by the team behind Dirt 5, that will not be the case here.

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That’s because Codemasters have denied such an allegiance, citing the delay instead on their next generation preparations. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, will be quite demanding. But since this launch has been a long time coming, why has it proven so difficult for developers to meet the console’s launch window? Has Sony left them as much in the dark as us? And, as a result, will there be any last minute corner cutting that will affect the overall quality of some games to come?

I hope not. But nothing’s certain in these uncertain times, and soon enough, new console owners will be desperate for some native releases. Just imagine the mud with all that ray tracing going on!!!

Anyway, here’s what they said:

“This has nothing to with any kind of ‘exclusivity.” 

“We’ve already confirmed the PS5 launch will be later this year and we’re very close to confirming the exact date. We’re finalising things for the PS5 and want to get that done before giving you a date.”

So, stay tuned for a release date as and when we hear.

Source: Dirt Twitter account

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