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Dirt 5 Update 5.02 (5.002.000) for PS4, PS5 Leaves Players Disappointed

Skidding in with another big update

Codemasters has released update version 5.02 on PS4 and version 5.002.000 on PS5 for its awesome racer, Dirt 5, but what does the update actually do?

Well… that’s hard to say as Codemasters has not released the Dirt 5 update 5.02 patch notes. Not yet, anyway.

Fans of the game on Discord have noted that the update hasn’t solved some of the more pressing problems, like audio glitches, connection issues with online play, and Playground mode being inaccessible for some players, often hanging on the connection screen or failing to load at all.

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There’s also the game’s frame rate issues, particularly on PS5 when running the game in Resolution Mode – some tracks have severe frame drops that seem to have gotten worse with subsequent updates. Ouch.

Dirt 5 Update 5.02 Patch Notes

Once Codemasters has released the patch notes for Dirt 5 update 5.02, you’ll find them here.

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