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Dirt Rally 2 Teased Again, Announcement Imminent

Yesterday we reported on the cryptic tweet that was doing the rounds over on Codemasters official and affiliated Twitter accounts. Today we report on another message, which has given us a time and a date for finding out about whatever it is they’re hiding.

In case you missed it, yesterday the studio circulated a short message that had little apparent meaning. But the simple ‘2.0’ was enough to stir up a plethora of possibilities, ranging from the nonsensical to the sublime. Some suggested Formula 2 would be added to their greatly revered Formula One title and provide a means of climbing the ranks. Others considered a revival of the Grid franchise that has lost favour in this current generation. But in the end there seemed to be only one possible outcome.

After the same tweet cropped up on the official page of World Rallycross, everyone was convinced that DiRT Rally 2 was ready to hit the world stage. And now it looks as though a confirmation is a mere formality after another tweet went live. The latest message simply read ‘26/09/2018. 10:30 BST’, and was accompanied by a rally car’s headlights in a low light setting.  We may be no Sherlock Holmes but that’s pretty definite.

Therefore, it looks as though, in just over twelve hours, we’ll be drooling over another Subaru Impreza, trying to remember how to do that Scandinavian flick. Either that or Uber has changed their marketing strategy…

Are you losing your grip on reality over the possible announcement of DiRT Rally 2? Throw on some proper tyres and donuts a comment or two in the box. 


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