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Dismember the Good Times in This Trailer for The Surge 2

The latest trailer for The Surge 2 is called a symphony of violence. I like symphonies and violence (geez, I hope that statement doesn’t come back to haunt me at a trial), so I checked it out. Well, it’s about half true. There is violence – heaps and heaps of you fighting in the game in different locations in Jericho City and different enemies.

There is plenty of blood as you hack off limbs with the different weapons or just kill them outright as part of the risk/reward combat. Anything you separate can be a future piece of equipment for yourself. Tech isn’t growing on trees, so you’ll need to do some collecting from people who want to keep everything attached and are willing to kill you to do it. If you do come across a more difficult fight, you can just go for the kill, but you will miss out on some items.

As effective as the trailer is, it doesn’t actually have a symphony as the music. Instead, there is Sharon Van Etten’s version of “The End of the World”, and, although it’s lovely and does a great job as the musical background for the trailer, I’m deducting some imaginary points for false advertising. I guess naming it cover song of violence just doesn’t have the same ring to it. (Obviously, this is a joke.)

Going back to the actual game and not a weird rant, The Surge 2 is coming up soon. On September 24, you can begin exploring Jericho City with a young girl named, Athena, and try to uncover the origin of the nanomachine plague. Check out the trailer for a look at the combat, and we’ll see you there.

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