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Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Remasters Coming to the PS4

UPDATE: We added links to pre-order the game at GameStop and Amazon.

Are you ready to take a trip back to a 16-bit time without some of the problems? Disney Classic Games will be bringing two of it’s biggest properties into our modern era. Both Aladdin and The Lion King are being given the premium polish with 1080p visuals. It will probably look like you remember it and not like it actually was.

There are multiple included versions of each game for your nostalgia. They range from the Sega Genesis version (where I originally played Aladdin), Game Boy, Super Game Boy, a NES version of The Lion King, a Final Cut version of Aladdin, and a playable trade show demo of Aladdin that no one’s had since 1993. If you played either somewhere, chances are good that it’s included.

There are also quality of life enhancements that make it easier and easier to show someone else who might not like retro games. My favorite feature is the instant save states. You can also rewind fifteen seconds if you make a mistake or immediately go to your favorite part of the game with the Interactive Game Viewer. If you suck at games (like me) you can enable invincibility or infinite lives.

There are multiple modes to go beyond the games. Museum Mode will let you go behind the scenes into the making of the game. Different visual filters will let you change how it looks, and you can play music from the soundtrack.

There is a lot here, and both games are included in one package. You can already pre-order a physical version at Bestbuy, GameStop, or Amazon. and they appear to be the only place so far. If you are excitedly dusting off your rose-tinted glasses, the game will run $29.99, and it will release on October 29.


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