The Division 2 is Officially in Development, Reveal Planned For E3

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is currently in development. Although that is pretty much all that the Tweet reveals, it did end by saying that we can expect to learn more at this year’s E3.

It will, however, run on the Snowdrop Engine that worked so well in the first.

The Division, its prequel, launched two years ago to today and proved very successful for Ubisoft – it broke their first day sales record and became their best selling title within a week. Interest in the game petered off as the months rolled on. But in the grand scheme of things there was little for the studio to complain about, or players, which sounds like part of the reasoning behind this planned sequel.

During a livestream, Julian Gerighty, creative director of Massive Entertainment, said “It wasn’t an easy decision, but there are so many stories and so many experiences that we wanted to explore within the world of The Division that we felt a sequel was the best way to explore these things.”

His sentiments were shared by Mathias Karlson, game director, who added “It’s an incredible opportunity to take all of that learning, all of that experience from what The Division is today and put it into a new game.”

They went on to say that no other information, be it features, plot or release date, will be released before E3 2018; that means a three month wait as the event is scheduled for June 12th to June 14th. Holster your weapons until then, our friends!

The Division still gets love around the corridors of Pure PlayStation HQ; do you feel the same? Is there something you’d like to see in the sequel? Comment below before you bug out. 

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