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Do You Love Elizabeth From Bioshock Infinite As Much As This $300 Statue

The Gaming Heads are known for creating marvelous, life-like statues of video game characters. Their latest creation is Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. It stands at eighteen inches tall, is carefully cast in polystone resin and hand-painted by artists. You can check it out here. The regular edition of this model will cost a whopping $300 but you are allowed to use a payment plan upon checkout. Be sure to snatch them up quick because there’s only one thousand pieces available worldwide. For the heavy spenders there is an exclusive edition that adds $40. Pre-orders are open now and the statue is expected to ship in early 2017.


“Normally accompanied by her trusty guardian, the Songbird, Elizabeth is Booker’s trusty companion as they venture through the city of Columbia, a city truly in the clouds. Her resourcefulness to pick locks, scrounge for resources as well as open tears proves to be invaluable to Booker through his entire duration of his stay. Wielding her trusty Sky-Hook, nowhere is inaccessible to Elizabeth, not even your home!”

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