Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Announced for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC With Teaser Trailer

Maze Theory, Just Add Water and BBC Studios have announced a brand new Doctor Who game today with a tantalising teaser trailer. The new game is called Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, and it’s being developed by Maze Theory, Just Add Water and BBC Studios for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with a planned release for 2021.

Despite the game only being announced for current-gen consoles and PC, the official website states that the game was “built with current and next generation consoles in mind,” which could mean a PS5 port at a later date, or that the PS4 version will run on PS5 with some enhancements via backwards compatibility.

The game will give players new worlds to explore as the 13th Doctor, voiced by the current incarnation of the Time Lord, Jodie Whitaker, with support from the 10th Doctor, with David Tennant reprising the role for the game.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality will be a first-person game, but it likely won’t be VR, or at least not completely VR. With the game being announced for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and only the Switch having very limited VR support, it’s likely that this will be a traditional game experience. Maze Theory’s last Doctor Who game was Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which was a VR-only game, and a good one too! There’s a chance that there’s some VR content for the applicable platforms (PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest 1/2) but there have been no announcements at this time.

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In The Edge of Reality, players will come across puzzles, challenges, and of course, classic Doctor Who monsters, including the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and many more.

There’s no solid release date as of yet and it’s unclear how the game will play; the teaser trailer really is a teaser and it doesn’t show any actual gameplay. We’ll get gameplay soon though as the marketing for the game kicks in closer to its planned release in 2021. There is no solid release date as of yet, just a vague statement of “2021”.


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