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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Announced for PSVR, Creepy Trailer Inside

Doctor Who is making a video-game comeback, and hopefully it’ll be a damn sight better than the last outing for the Timelord on a PlayStation console. Remember that rubbish game from years ago? Best left forgotten, really.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, is a new VR game coming to PSVR and other VR devices later this year. Yes, you’ve read that right: This is a VR-only game. So unless you’ve got a PSVR headset, you won’t be waggling your sonic screwdriver at Cybermen or Daleks.

The press release states that Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will be a “cinematic, feature-length Doctor Who VR videogame.” Feature length? Does that mean it’ll be about as long as a movie? Who knows at this point, but let’s hope it’s not over-priced and under-stocked on content; the PSVR community is very vocal about these things.

The game will feature the voice of the current Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker as players solve mind-bending puzzles, take on classic monsters from the series’ history, as well as new never-before-seen monsters that have been created specifically for this game. And, naturally, you’ll be able to wave the sonic screwdriver around like a dillying idiot. It wouldn’t be Doctor Who without it.

At the time of writing this piece there is not much else to say. No screenshots have been released yet and we’ve only got a short teaser trailer. The release date is also unknown, though the press release notes that the game will release in September 2019.

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