Don’t Expect Many No Man’s Sky Reviews Before Launch (But Expect One From Us)

[Update: According to OpenCritic, the plan is for some outlets to receive review copies towards the end of this week, though there’s still nothing on the review embargo. As far as we’re aware, the embargo is the same day as the game releases, though we can’t be 100% sure.]

No Man’s Sky is without a doubt one of this year’s most anticipated games. It’s been hyped to hell and back since being revealed a couple of years ago by Sony and Hello Games, and as such, expectations are very, very high.

It’s a little disappointing then that you’ll probably not get the chance to read any reviews before the game does finally release. Online review aggregator OpenCritic has received word from a few big publications that there won’t be any pre-release review codes going out to the press. That’s not to say that there won’t be any review copies at all, but they won’t be going out until after the game has launched, or so we’re told.

The reasons aren’t clear, though Hello Games has announced that it’s finished wrapping up the first big update for No Man’s Sky so we’re assuming that there’s to be a major day-one update that’ll iron over some of the problems that have been reported by some who’ve managed to snag early copies.

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However, all is not lost. Pure PlayStation will be bringing you a review before the game releases. We believe it’s every players right to be able to get some impressions on a game before handing over the cash. It’s much the same with buying a dishwasher, a car, or a phone. You want to know if what you’re buying is any good, right? We’ll be getting an early copy this weekend and we’ll have our review out by Monday morning. Yes, the reviewer in question will be half-dead by the end of it and will probably be 80% Red Bull by Monday morning, but that’s the price we pay. That’s dedication, yo.

So, in short, there won’t be any reviews before release, but Pure PlayStation will have you covered because we’re a bunch of a great chaps. Check back in with us over the weekend for some early impressions, gameplay videos and plenty more No Man’s Sky coverage. The wait is almost over.

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