Don’t Lose Your Head in Helheim Hassle

I watched the trailer for this one, and it’s so delightfully weird I had to tell you about it. I’m easy that way.

The story puts you in the shoes of Bjorn, the pacifist Viking. He doesn’t want to fight, and he doesn’t want to go to Valhalla. Bjorn is surprised when he dies, and goes directly there. He is more surprised when a guy named Pesto resurrects him to get a magical item for him. If Bjorn gets the item, Pesto can get him out of Valhalla and send him directly to Helheim for eternity. Win-win.

The game is a combination of narrative and puzzles. Bjorn’s dead, so he can rearrange his physical form to solve a variety of puzzles. The trailer shows his head rolling solo through one level, and a weird combo of head, leg, and (I think) arm in another. There will be 14 levels and 70 quests for you to body modify your way through to success.

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What’s the afterlife without a little company? Bjorn will meet some odd and unhappy characters who are living or dead. The 80 characters will be voiced by 24 voice actors with over 3,700 lines of dialogue. They will include blue-collar goblins, dragons, elves, god souls, and bear ghosts. Friendship is a main theme of the story, so you may be able to help or befriend many of them.

The game is coming from Perfectly Paranormal, the same people who made Manual Samuel, a game I’m now wondering about picking up. In fact, the universes for both games are the same, and Helheim Hassle occurs on the same Tuesday as Manual Samuel.

The only release info is early 2020, and it’s coming to everything else, before it hits the PS4. Take a gander at the screenshots, and give the trailer a watch to see if it charms you as it did me.


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