Don’t Punch Your Enemies In Way Of The Passive Fist

Don’t Punch Your Enemies In Way Of The Passive Fist

Way of the Passive Fist from Household Games is the anti-brawler, brawler. Sit down for this next part – there is no button to punch or kick. On the planet of Eiectus, you play The Wanderer, a man who chooses to deflect blows and wear his enemies down to defeat them. This is important because being exhausted on this dangerous planet can be a quick way to die.

You are not completely unarmed. After enough energy has been collected from parrying punches, you can use your bionic arm to bring the pain to any enemy who cannot take a hint. It cannot be used often, but it sounds like it will be a devastating attack.

According to the developer, the art style is inspired by 90s cartoons, and that sounds awesome to us. The whole trailer has a Heavy Metal meets David Carradine in space Kung Fu feeling, and we look forward to seeing more of this game when it is first playable at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

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