Don’t Worry, Your Uncharted 4 PSN Pre-Order Hasn’t Been Cancelled

If you’ve pre-ordered the digital edition of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from the PlayStation Store on PS4, you may have had a bit of a shock in your emails.

E-mails are being sent by Sony to those who pre-ordered the game from the PSN saying that their pre-orders are no longer valid and have been cancelled. Don’t panic, it’s not true. It’s simply a mistake on Sony’s part. A message has popped up on Pure PlayStation’s PS4 that reads:

“Thank you for pre-ordering Uncharted 4. You may receive an email indicating that your pre-order was cancelled. Please disregard this email, your order is unaffected and remains valid.”

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So fear not, intrepid adventurers, your pre-order is safe and sound and come release day, May 10th, you’ll be running around in Nate’s muddy boots, killing in the name of heroism.

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