Dontnod Makes a Monster in Vampyr’s Episode 1

Dontnod has dropped its first behind the scenes episode for Vampyr. Episode 1, “Making Monsters”, describes the process of creating the conflicted protagonist, Jonathan. The central theme of the character is duality. He is a doctor who saves lives, and a predator who kills. He is a man of science, but he is undead proof of the supernatural.

The studio revealed a little more about the world. There are different factions of vampires and at least one other group of creatures stalking humans in the dark. You will fight and interact with some of them as you try to understand why you were changed into one of the Nosferatu.

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Episode 1 is a little over four minutes, but Dontnod gives you a decent peak into its process and decisions. The studio has some creative freedom by being a AA game, and it will be different than anything it has developed. The idea of balancing out who to kill and making that choice impact the world will be a big part of that freedom.

The release date for Vampyr is still a murky spring 2018. With all the snow on the ground, that seems like a long time away, but, if we were to make a prediction, we would expect to see a release date announcement sometime after the next three videos have been posted.

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