Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods – Part One Available Now

Any time you can have more Doom is a good day. With today’s launch of Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One, we have the chance to purchase new story DLC to expand the enigmatic Doomguy’s journey. The launch trailer today is explosive with a voiceover telling Doomguy what he will be doing, and it was obvious from the start – he’ll be killing more demons.

There are some new locations, including the facility over the water. We even get a look under the water where a shark is giving us a toothy smile. We also see some new platforming segments, and I have more mixed feelings about those. Finally, is the last part of the trailer showing us the main character without his iconic armor?

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The new DLC will run you $19.99 USD, and you can buy it separately from the main game. If you want to pick up both pieces of DLC, you can purchase the season pass for $29.99 USD, which will save you $10 USD.

Check out the trailer for a look at the new gameplay, and prepare yourself to fight the creatures of Hell once again in Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One.

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