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Doom Eternal is Delayed, Pre-order Bonus Added as a Sweetener

The day was going so well with all this talk of the PlayStation 5. But now we’ve come crashing down back to reality thanks to the news that Doom Eternal has been delayed. Not to the holidays of 2020, thankfully, but into the New Year nonetheless.

Yes, that’s right. Doom Eternal will be joining the hectic calendar that is Q1 2020. But id Software is trying to soften that blow of disappointment. As much as the guardians of hell can do, that is.

That’s because the studio are throwing in a free pre-order bonus to make up for the wait. And, in true hellish fashion, it takes the form of Doom 64 – that eagerly awaited rerelease of the classic game; the two editions will now be released on the same day, that being March 20th.

But unfortunately it’s not only the launch delay that they’re trying to make up for.

Unfortunately the Invasion Mode, which has previously caught my attention, will now be added at a later date as a free update. It will eventually let you invade the games of other players, acting as a playable demon. But this capability will no longer ship with the rest of the project.

So it’s delayed and incomplete.

*Insert sad demon face here*

And the only explanation we’re getting is it doesn’t meet the company’s high standards. Which is as good an excuse as any, though we’re hearing it all the more often. Surely we can foresee these challenges and build some breathing room into their development schedules?

But that’s easy for a writer to write, right?

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