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Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods, Part One Trailer Released; DLC Coming October 20

It’s hard to plan ahead these days, but I can tell you what I’ll be doing on October 20th. After a teaser a few weeks ago, we have the full trailer for Doom Eternal’s first campaign DLC. The Ancient Gods, Part One shows you everything you loved from the game, and it’s got me excited to see more. There’s plenty of action, but there are new locations and what looks like a trip underwater.

The scale of some of the visuals is impressive. Whether headed into a murky ocean or being lifted by a giant demon to reach a platform, the expansion appears to be pushing things even further. Towards the end, you’re even having to counter the attacks of two marauders. That’s going to be a few hundred deaths for me, but at least I’ll be listening to a rocking soundtrack.

The trailer isn’t long, but I’m happy to know I’ll be playing more Doom Eternal in less than two months.

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