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Doom Eternal Will Let You Style Your Slayer

If you thought Doom Eternal was just about slaying demons and laughing as their squishy bits flew in different directions, think again. The latest trailer for the game delivers the final part that everyone was waiting for – the ability to personalize your character. Now, while you do what you do best, you can look great at the same time.

The very short video demonstrates different armor combinations and runs through many different colors on that same armor. There are many wilder variants too. Among those styles, we see a character model engulfed in flames, a broken faceguard that looks like it’s been through…well, Hell, and a white unicorn with pink wings for the last. I’ve never been more intimidated by a unicorn in my life.

We are now within ten days of the game’s release on March 20th, and, if I were the sort to be giddy about anything, Doom Eternal would qualify. It looks fantastic, and, as we can see in the new trailer, so can you.

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