Doom Eternal’s Update 4 Adds New Master Level and Support for “Gift Wrap and Tear” Event

Doom Eternal’s Update 4 Adds New Master Level and Support for “Gift Wrap and Tear” Event

The latest update for Doom Eternal hit today. Update 4 will be fixing some bugs, but the spotlight is on some other additions. The headliner is the new master level – Super Gore Nest. This one is meant to challenge even the mightiest Doomslayers, and the Bethesda Blog says it is harder than anything in the main game’s campaign. They have added “environmental hazards and conditions” to push you to play differently.

If that’s not enough, you can change a few options to make it even harder. Classic Mode drops you on the map with only a combat shotgun. Other weapons and mods are waiting for you on the map, but you’ll need to live long enough to collect them. The next step up is Extra Life mode that leads to permadeath after you run out of lives. For you masochists, Ultra Nightmare difficulty removes the ability to gain extra lives, so only permadeath awaits you if you mess up. If you succeed, there are new rewards, including a gold combat shotgun skin.

The update also adds support for the Gift Wrap and Tear Event. Starting December 10th, this free event will allow all players the chance to earn virtual, cosmetic collectibles. There are different festive weapon skins, and the Doomguy has a Santa outfit. I’ll leave an image at the bottom, so you can take a look.

Doom Eternal is one my favorite games of the year, and it delivers an intense shooter that grabs you and never lets go. If you already have the game, you can check out the trailer for a look at the new master level. If you haven’t tried it and have Gamepass (I know we’re a PlayStation site, but we’re all gamers too.), it’s free and highly recommended.


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