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DOOM Open Beta Available for Pre-Load on PS4, 5.0GB Download Size

There’s an open beta for the highly awaited DOOM release coming this year to PS4, and the good news is that you needn’t bother wasting precious open beta time by downloading the game on the day.

The DOOM open beta client is available for pre-loading on PS4, at the time of writing it’s available on the UK PSN, though we’re still checking the North American version.

The download won’t cost you too much bandwidth or hard drive space as it’s only a mere 5.0GB download. Lovely stuff. The DOOM open beta takes place this coming April 15th and will run until April 17th.

[Update: We’ve just found that it’s available on the North American store, too, but the download size is showing as being slightly larger at 5.4GB as opposed to the UK/EU’s flat 5GB.]

Will you be taking part in the open beta, or is DOOM a wee bit too scary for you, ya big Jessie.

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