DOOM PS4 Pre-Load is Ready to Go, Download Size of 43GB

DOOM PS4 Pre-Load is Ready to Go, Download Size of 43GB

Bethesda has a new game out in just a few days, you might have heard of it. It’s been making waves on the internet thanks to an open-beta that was torn apart by players who didn’t gel with the modern aesthetic.

DOOM is due out on May 13th and if you’ve ordered the digital edition from the PlayStation Store, you can now go ahead and start downloading the game right now rather than sit around on release day watching videos of other people play it because yours is still downloading. That’d be sad and pitiful.

If you’re wondering how much space DOOM takes up on PS4, we’ve got the answer to that, too. The game’s store page states that it’ll take up roughly 43.8GB of hard drive space, though this could vary a little bit between regions.

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