Door Kickers: Action Squad Breaches PS4 on October 24th

Door Kickers: Action Squad Breaches PS4 on October 24th

KillHouse Games has announced today that it will be releasing Door Kickers: Action Squad on PS4 on October 24th. That’s only a week away! The game will also release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, though the latter will release on October 28th.

The announcement comes with a new trailer that gives us another look at the bonkers shooter in action. You can watch the release date trailer up above.

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a departure from the first game but it looks like a fun time all the same. This time around the good guys and the baddies are being pitted against each other in an action-packed 2D, old-school side-scroller. There’s some strategy and tactics involved and you can play solo or co-op multiplayer. If you’ve got friends over, you can even play local co-op. Hurrah! Proper old-school!

Door Kickers: Action Squad originally released on Steam back in September 2018, and looking at the recent reviews for the game, it looks like us console players are in for a treat once the game releases.

The game will launch with all of the content that originally shipped with the game’s PC release, as well as a new chapter with 12 new levels and a new playable character. These will also be added to the PC release as a free update. Win-win for everyone, then.

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