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Double Your Knowledge of Control with These Two Trailers

If you want to see more about Control, I have two trailers that each give you a quick setup on story and enemies. The first one is named “Setting the Scene”, and it’s all story basics. Jesse Faden is drawn to the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. She arrives there, notices the corruption spreading throughout the building, the unique decorating style of bodies floating in the air, and becomes the new director. I’d probably run screaming out of there, but maybe the benefits are too good to ignore.

The second trailer shows you why your average person would turn the job and escape. The old FBC director is dead, and the employees have been changed into scary glowing approximations of humans. The building itself changes, and the laws of physics may not apply the same everywhere. Thankfully, Jesse has a set of weird and wonderful skills to take on this threat, and the brief trailer shows her in action.

Control is Remedy Entertainment’s latest creation, and you can start to regain Control on August 27th.

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