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Doubts Cast on PSX 2018 as Sony Refuses to Confirm or Deny Annual Event

Sony’s annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) has been a big part of the gaming calendar for a few years now, so it’s a little worrying that we’ve heard next to nothing about PSX 2018. In fact, it may not even be happening at all.

Fans has have been sending their questions to the PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman, who you’ll recognise from Sony’s E3 streams, and the chap has actually responded. Don’t get too excited, though, as his response is a little worrying. Instead of easing everyone’s concerns with a big ol’ “YES, IT’S HAPPENING AND IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING”, the Sony man instead said that he has “no news to share” and that he was “hoping to have more insight soon.” To be fair, this guy isn’t in charge of arranging the event, so my guess is that he can’t really say much without his bosses giving him a bollocking.

Still, for those who’ve come to expect the fan-focused event, it’s a tad worrying that we’re this late into the year without official confirmation of the event’s go-ahead.

Oddly enough, though, there has already been a PSX Experience, albeit for South East Asia. Surely Sony wouldn’t leave us western folk without a show, right?

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