Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 For Free

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 For Free

Demos seem to be giving way to betas that give you 500 warnings about not being representative of the final product. It can be difficult to know if you will enjoy a game, especially one outside your wheelhouse, without a little taste of the full adventure.

Telltale Games seems to realize this, and, after a little time, they usually make the first episode of a new series free to download. Starting today, you can download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 on your PS4 or PS3 absolutely free. With the trademark, low-fi style that has charmed millions of players, the story begins with a grave threat and the need for a hero.

Telltale Games has a strong track record with narrative based games that focus on meaningful player decisions. We are currently enjoying Batman, but we hope they give us a new season of The Wolf Among Us soon. What is your favorite series from Telltale?

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