Download Your November PS Plus Games Now, Nioh Is Live

It’s that time of month again when the PS Plus line-up is live and ready for download. And what a month November promises to be. We’ve been excitedly waiting for this day ever since Nioh was announced as being one of the titles. But now we must wait no longer.

That’s because, at the time of writing, the European region has at least updated with the new selection – meaning we’re able to get swooshing straight away. However, our more global friends may have to wait a little longer to become the samurai they know they are. Either way, we’re all in for a treat over the next few weeks, and here is why.

Nioh is the souls-like game from Team Ninja, which impressed the gaming community when it launched two and a half years ago. Its sword wielding protagonist must defeat a variety of monsters in 1600s Japan when a battle for unification is raging. But it was Nioh itself that proved the most undefeatable after getting itself released over ten years after it was initially started. That PS3 project proved to be a generation too early.

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The best thing, though, is that Nioh 2 is scheduled for launch next year, making this the perfect opportunity to catch up with the story of you’re still in the dark.

Meanwhile, it’s companion Outlast II is a horror game that puts you behind the glasses of investigative journalist Blake Langermann. He and his wife are innocently investigating the death of a pregnant lady when they are separated in an accident. Leaving Langermann to then search for her, and answers, whilst being under threat from a troubling sect.

You know, normal horror film stuff.

Are you a subscriber to PS Plus? Is Nioh the game you’ve been waiting for? Let us know your rating of this month’s selection in the comments below.

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