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Dragon Age 4 and Anthem Lose Their Producers

Dragon Age 4 is Bioware’s main focus at the moment, now that Anthem doesn’t need so much handholding. But at a time when you’d expect it to be all on hands on deck, the game has lost two pairs in a week. Will anyone else walk out of the adventure before the end is nigh?

Fans will surely be hoping not as discontinuity in the ranks during development tends to result in a loss of direction. And we all know how buggy/fuddled releases can become then; Bioware not excluded

However, as Dragon Age 4 is seemingly the studio’s only current project, they should be able to keep things on track – right?

Possibly wrong. You see, the next game in the series has already wrestled itself this way and that as it tries to find its identity. And this uncertainty can only be further confounded by the departure of both Ben Irving (producer of Anthem) and Fernando Melo (producer of Dragon Age 4) in the last seven days. Is there something going on at Bioware?

Despite this, Melo – a twelve year veteran of the company – couldn’t hide his excitement for the upcoming sequel. Even if it is still without an official title. He shared this in an email, which was published on Twitter (what isn’t these days?).

You can read it below. But the takeaway is the fact he’s still stoked to play the final cut – can’t be all bad then. Fingers crossed…

Source: Twitter

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