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Dragon Age 4 isn’t a Thing, But if it Was…

Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of the Dragon Age series, stomped on the hopes of fans when he took to Twitter to quash any suggestions of a Dragon Age 4.

It isn’t a thing until it’s a thing. Right now, not a thing. But if it -were- a thing, there are things I would want to do with that thing.

Though it is far from a never-no, Laidlaw’s insistence does suggest that a follow-up should not be anticipated anytime soon. This is strengthened further by the news released a few months ago when BioWare hinted at a new IP in the pipeline. And they currently have their hands full smoothing out the creases in Mass Effect Andromeda.

The only glimmer of hope staunch supporters can take away is the fact that he anything but short of ideas.

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