Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 Will Be Making an Appearance at The Game Awards

BioWare has recently seen the departure of two veteran producers – influential figures in both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. But the studio are looking to put the unsettled look behind them by bringing their latest project to this year’s The Game Awards. That project is Dragon Age 4, a highly anticipated game that many of us are looking forward to. However, we could be accused of celebrating a little prematurely if we were to think a demo is incoming. After all, concept art has made a fool of us before.

This time, they have promised us a “special look” at Dragon Age 4. Whatever that entails. And teased us with the image above (scary, isn’t it?). But as they didn’t elaborate any further on their plans, who’s to say its concept art isn’t making another appearance? We can hope it’s a little more substantial but you never know these days.

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The news was announced by Geoff Keighley, who is the brain behind The Game Awards. And he seemed enthusiastic in his tweet, which gives us a little reassurance that this is something to be excited about. A big night also calls for a big reveal, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, he’s also busy announcing the guest presenters for the event, so if you’re interested/nosey, make your way over to his Twitter account (details for which can be found below). Wonder Woman is the latest to be named, but I’m sure there are others you have heard of. But even if there isn’t, it’s already sounding like a stellar night. Better get the popcorn ready, eh?

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