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Dragon Ball Project Z Announced

The anime Dragon Ball and the letter Z are reuniting for another game. The working title is Dragon Ball Game – Project Z, and it just rolls off the tongue. After being announced today, you can expect it to go by the shortened Dragon Ball Project Z, but my guess is that there will be colon in the final name.

Goku, the legendary hero once known as Kakarot, is the focus of the story. The game will follow the events of Dragon Ball Z, so there will be some pretty epic fights and events in the quest for the Dragon Balls. I can only hope the super Saiyan transformation is equally epic, but there is very little info so far.

We do know that, unlike some of the past fighting games, this one will be an action RPG. That’s a nice turn that may bring some of us who love the universe but not fighting games into the fold. We also know that it is due out this year, so we should be seeing a lot more of this game in the next few months.

Dragon Ball Project Z (or whatever they decide to call it) is another game that is starting to fill out what I believe will be a very packed year. Hang on to your wallets, and check back often for more news about this one.

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