Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Drops Free and Paid DLC Today

For a game released over a year ago, more DLC is a classy touch. For those of you who shelled out the currency for a season pass, you can download Extra Pack 1. It adds Tapion, Android 13, Buu, and Dabura to the playable roster of characters.

New characters are only the beginning. It adds new quests, skills, costumes, titles, and super souls. You can also train under Zamasu.

For those of you who buy games and think about DLC later (we are right there with you), there is a free Hero Colosseum mode. This adds collectible digital character figurines that you can pit against other figurines in battles. You can equip skills and increase the levels as you fight.

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The figurines look like amiibo on a strategy RPG board. Once paired up with an opponent, the fights play with some interaction on your part for special moves. Hero Colosseum looks like it will have something for the completionist and Pokemon fan.

Check out the trailer and be sure to download the new content.

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