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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Creations to Scare and Amaze

Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube channel dropped a couple of videos highlighting creations from fans like you. They are impressive to say the least, and the amount of time, effort, and creativity is really something. If we perfect block architecture in society, “block-itechture” if you will, these gamers are going to be the Frank Lloyd Wrights of our time.

The first video (at top) is the one I like the most. Whether there are massive structures, intricately detailed designs, or a combination of both, these are places I would want to explore in the game and even real life. There is no music (missed opportunity here, Square Enix), and it’s a basic slideshow. That doesn’t make it any less cool, although the one at 1:23 might have Nintendo going after them.

The second video (at bottom) appears to be Halloween themed. The Google translate on my phone is all over the place, but some things don’t require words. From spooky haunted houses to more friendly jack-o-lantern decorations, it’s great to see what other people can accomplish. The image at 1:02 reminds me of the movie The Ring, so there could be more references I missed.

The presentation of these images could be a little bit better, but, if you want to see what’s possible with the items included in the game, check out these videos. It might inspire you to make your next block-itechtural masterpiece.

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