Drawn To Death Due For Release in April

Drawn To Death Due For Release in April

David Jaffe, creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, has announced that his latest game Drawn to Death is due out on April 4th. Though initially planned to be a free-to-play title, it will now retail at $19.99.

The doodle-esque, multiplayer shooter is set within the pages of a student’s notebook. The student’s sketches evolve into the characters of the game, and the papers’ lines remain intact, visible in the background of the maps. Jaffe has keenly developed a skill-based game, one in which you do not need to level up in order to attain greater abilities.

The game’s modes will be limited to four players, and boasts a high time to kill. As Jaffe explains, “For us, it’s imperative that Drawn to Death players are able to focus on specific enemy behavior. One of my favorite things in Drawn to Death is when I start to learn how a specific player on the battlefield is playing and I adjust my playstyle to that person. This is very hard to do when you’ve got lots of players to worry about and you’re dying every 45 seconds.”

Don’t be expecting your usual array of weapons. Jaffe’s favourite weapon is the Shaxe, a shotgun crossed with an axe. “Every time you do a certain amount of damage with the weapon, a giant, rusty axe blade pops out of the gun’s barrel”, Jaffe continues. “But what do you do with the blades? Well, there’s a mini-game where you have to pull this starter cord — like on a lawn mower — at the exact right time to get the axe blades to start spinning. Once they’re spinning, you can fire the blades and do a ton of damage!”

Keep a lookout for Ninjaw, who can throw sharks at the baddies. That sounds quite sane after you’ve taken a look at the doodles below.

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