Dreams and Mercedes-Benz Imagine The Future


The game creation software Dreams will be releasing a collaborated level with Mercedes-Benz on July 8th, and it’s apparently all about the possible future.

Yes, you read that right: developer Media Molecule and the car company Mercedes-Benz are teaming up to start a conversation around the idea of imagining the future together through play.

This began as a project Mercedes and South by Southwest started in 2019. During this lifestyle festival, people shared their visions of the future. Media Molecule also wanted to be a part of this.

By using both the tools and the community of Dreams, Media Molecule believe that they can create a concept for a better future and spread the reach of the project to game fans all over the world.

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On July 8th those who own Dreams will be able to play the new level called ‘Dreams and Mercedes-Benz’. It will be a narrative-based 2D platformer that presents the possible future where AI take care of all the work and humans can explore their connection to creativity and one another. It almost sounds like the TV show Humans.

The concept was created by AI expert Alexandre Cadain, with input from the team at Mercedes and then finally brought to life by Dreams community creator, Scott Vanderburgh.

Siobhan Reddy, the studio director at Media Molecule seemed pleased with their partnership with Mercedes-Benz as well as the creativity it had allowed them to explore.

“Mercedes-Benz has been an inspiring partner for our first Mm Co-Labs Project. Throughout development, the Mercedes team has encouraged us to let our minds wander and imagine the future. We have enjoyed seeing our Dreams Specialist, Scott Vanderburgh, bring a completely different style of game to Dreams.”

Media Molecule will also be releasing an in-game community jam around the theme of ‘Imagined Futures’ from July 13th to July 28th for those eager to create in Dreams.


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