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Dreams Could Be Getting a PC Release as Microsoft Looks Towards Nintendo Switch

What a world we live in. These are mad times we’re living in. Mad, but brilliant and interesting nonetheless.

We’ve already heard that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming to PC – though there’s no official confirmation from Sony – and it could be the first in a wave of first-party PS4 games to release on a non-PlayStation platform, specifically, PC. Sony has kind of already toyed with this via its game-streaming subscription service, PlayStation Now, meaning PC players can stream select PS3 and PS4 games to their PC for a monthly fee. However, it’s not ideal nor comparable with running the game on local hardware.

According to Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, Horizon is going to release on PC, and it’ll be followed by more games. He hints that it’s Media Molecule’s Dreams and I’m inclined to believe him. Dreams is going to be a niche game for sure. An easy way to get a few more sales and users would be to release it on PC, too, and give creators even better tools to work with within the game’s game-making suite.

I’ve had Dreams since it released as an early access game. I’m not an idiot by any means (alright, I am, whatever) but I really struggled to make my way through the game’s creation tool tutorials. So much so that in the end I gave up and have conceded that I’ll just wait for more talented people to make stuff for me to play. If I was able to do it on PC, though, with a mouse and keyboard and other peripherals only possible on PC hardware, I’d probably fare a little better. That’s my reasoning behind a PC version, at least.

Phillips also hints towards Microsoft putting its games on Nintendo Switch, too. Now wouldn’t that be something? Don’t expect to be playing Halo on PS4 any time soon, though. Then again, stranger things are already happening.

Source: Twitter

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