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Dreams Early Access Players Get the Full Game 3 Days Early

Sony has confirmed that those who bought into the Dreams Early Access release last year will receive the full game upgrade a little earlier than the game’s official release date.

Dreams is set to release on February 14th – Valentine’s Day – but if you’re one of those who bought the Dream Early Access version, you’ll be able to play the full game from February 11th. Neat, no?

In addition to getting a patch that turns the Early Access version into the full release, players will get to play around with some new features, explore the new home menu, some new creation kits, and even a feature-film length adventure called ‘Art’s Dream’.

For the rest of you… February 14th will be when you boot up Dreams, enter the creator mode with every intention of creating a masterpiece, and then quickly dropping the controller and waiting for others to create things for you to play. Or is that just me?

As Dreams is a PS4 exclusive, you’ll need a PS4 console. Or will you? Rumour has it that Dreams could be getting a PC release, along with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn. Maybe you won’t need a PS4 after all?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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