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Dreams is Getting a PS4 Demo to Convince You Fence Sitters

Dreams has caused quite a stir since it launched a few weeks ago. Yet, it remains quite a decisive game between both those who have played it and those who are still undecided. In a move to convince that latter category, Media Molecule has today announced their plans to release a demo on the PlayStation 4. Something that might be easier said than done.

After all, there’s quite a lot going on in Dreams – where do you start?

The idea for a demo is just one of a few features that have been posted on a message board over on Trello, and marked as “in progress” – sitting alongside the previously announced PSVR support and asset collections. But despite this public demonstration of their commitment to continue expanding the game, there is no mention of dates. Therefore, we might be waiting quite a while for these exciting changes.

Not that we’re stuck for things to do, though, eh?

As I have previously alluded to, I am intrigued as to what features will be included in the demo. Because surely the creation tools themselves must take a central role as they play such a big part in the overall experience. But, in a way, they could prove overwhelming on their own – especially for those of us who may be creatively challenged. So, there will have to be other mechanics included. Maybe a selection of the community’s best creations will do the trick?

Either way, I’m glad to see Dreams being opened up to the widest audience possible. Games like this are often decisive, and a demo is usually needed to convince the most gamers of just how different (in a good way) they are.

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