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Dreams NDA Lifted, Creations Can Be Shared Freely Without Legal Issue

If you’ve been busy crafting masterpieces in Media Molecule’s Dreams beta on PS4, you’ve probably been a little frustrated that you can’t share your creations due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that came with the beta. Good news: The NDA has been lifted!

This means that everyone that has been taking part in the Dreams PS4 beta can share their weird and wonderful creations with the rest of the world without having any little goody-two-shoes’ giving them grief on Twitter. You can also freely talk about your experiences with Dreams, as well as stream yourself playing the game. Good stuff, eh?

There’s no word on why the NDA has been lifted, but it may be in part due to the sheer amount of people not abiding by it in the first place.

Dreams is set to release sometime this year though there’s still no release date announced, nor is there even a release window. Hopefully it releases sooner rather than later – everyone at Pure PlayStation is just itching to have a go.

Source: Twitter

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