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Dreams PS4 Beta Extended Until February 5th, Media Molecule to Give Update Later This Month

If you’re one of the lucky buggers who got into the Dreams PS4 beta, then there’s some good news. The beta was originally set to end today, February 4th, at 5PM GMT. However, Media Molecule has extended the beta until tomorrow morning so that beta participants can get their creations uploaded before the beta goes offline.

It’s a good move by the developer, but be mindful that you’ve only got until 10AM GMT on February 5th to get your creations uploaded and saved for the game’s full release. The developers have also reiterated that if you want your creations to carry over to the full release, you need to have them uploaded and published before the deadline, either privately or publicly.

The end of the beta doens’t mean that Media Molecule will suddenly go dark and shut them selves away, though there is still work to be done on the game. Media Molecule has promised to deliver an update to fans and curious bystanders alike on February 20th, 2019. There’s no word on what the update will entail, but the chances of a release date being announced are pretty slim so don’t set your expectations too high. There’s always a chance, though…

The studio has also shared what it will be working on after the beta. The developer have taken player feedback on board and will be working on the game’s controls, tutorials, and the Dreamiverse – the place where creations are stored and shared.

For those who aren’t fond of motion controls, Media Molecule says that it has already been working on a completely motion-free control scheme and that player feedback has reinforced the need for it.

Tutorials will also be getting revamped and expanded on, too, in order to help new players find their way around the game’s systems. This is something I can see myself devoting hours and hours into. Because who doesn’t love a good tutorial?

And lastly, the Dreamiverse. Media Molecule says that there will be lots of meaningful changes in the final release of the game, and it’s all thanks to player feedback during the beta testing periods. So if you were a beta tester – well done you for helping out!

Source: Media Molecule

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