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Dreams on PS4 Will Have PSVR Support as a Post-Release Update

We’ve known for a while now that Media Molecule’s Dreams will be playable in some form with PlayStation VR, but other than that we’ve not got much else to go on. The Brighton-based studio has played its cards close to its chest for a long time now but a new interview in EDGE magazine has revealed a bit of new information: PSVR support won’t be in at launch.

Speaking with EDGE, Media Molecule has stated that “Create mode will be fully compatible with VR (not at launch, we’re told, but at some point in the future) and other people’s virtual-reality dreams will be playable.” 

We take that to mean that only the Create mode will by playable with PSVR and that the rest of the game will not support PSVR, though as Media Molecule has said, playing other people’s dreams will be possible in PSVR.

What’s surprising is that PSVR support wont be in from day one but will instead be added as a future update once the game has released. At this moment we’ve not idea how long we’ll have to wait for PSVR support post-release, though we don’t even know when the game itself will be releasing so there’s no surprise there.

Were you hoping for Dreams to be the PSVR killer app? Or are you happy enough knowing that you won’t need to shell out for an expensive headset to play Media Molecule’s latest creation? Dream on in the comments section below.

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