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Dreams Receiving PSVR Update on July 22nd

Are you still playing and creating in Dreams? If not, next month may be a great time to return. You’ll be able to play games and experience content through the magic of your PSVR. The update will come with new tutorials to get you up and running with your entry into the virtual space. The PlayStation Blog post describes the ability to create using the PS Move controllers as a “one-to-one experience and lets you fully immerse in the creation process.” It’s seeing your world from the inside out, and it’s exciting to see what will be created.

The PSVR update is open to all, and, if you don’t have a PSVR, you can still create content for it. Along with the old tools you’ve been able to access, new tools are being added such as comfort mode, vignette strength, and static sky. Creators can categorize content as PSVR or regular. Players will also be able to give content a comfort rating. The article doesn’t say how that rating will be listed, but it probably won’t be a scale of how much it made you puke where the top rating is a picture of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. It should give people with delicate tummies (like me) a bit of warning before we jump into something.

The new update will also bring some new games and creations from the team at Media Molecule. Along with the new tools and PSVR support, the update on July 22nd will be substantial, but it’s not the end. You can examine the Dreams roadmap and see what the team has planned for the future. It’s a rare level of transparency, and you can see if your favorite feature is on the way. It also shows there is a lot more to come in Dreams.

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