Dreams Update 2.22 Let’s You Talk the Talk With All New Audio Import Feature

Dreams is a game you can’t accuse of being neglected. And update 2.22 is just the latest in a long line of patches added to it since launch. This time around, Media Molecule has added an audio import feature, which allows you to record your own sounds and beam them into your creations. But that’s not the only change made. Intrigued?

Media Molecule has dropped another patch for Dreams, bringing the game up to version 2.22. And with it, they have added an audio import feature, which takes advantage of its partner site, inDreams. By making your way over to that webpage, once you’ve updated the game of course, you will be able to become a recording artist – as long as you comply with a few rules.

You see, it’s not simply the case that you can go ahead and record anything you like. For starters, the new feature is restricted to creators above level 30. And there will be a variable limit to the length that your recordings can take. There’s also the caveat that inappropriate sounds will not be tolerated; all other rules can be found here. However, even with these limitations, audio import certainly opens up a whole new level of customisation. And I can only imagine how much greater Dreams will play as a result.

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What’s more, all your recordings can also be edited on the same website, meaning they are really ready to go as soon as the game is booted up.

In addition to this, you will now be made aware of any newer versions of Dreams you choose to play – to ensure you get to enjoy these levels in their best possible guise – and in-game messages will supply a QR code for reading away from your console, probably to provide far more detail than you could tolerate in an entertainment product.

Not bad for an update, eh?

Source: inDreams

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