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Dress Up As a Snowman in Fortnite With Latest Patch

Fortnite is giving you the opportunity to grow a carrot and dress up as a snowman in its latest patch as the festive character becomes a tactical ploy upon the battlefield.

The outfit will serve as a decoy, allowing you to run and jump around in disguise. But all good things come at a price and with this you’ll be unable to shoot or build a thing whilst you’re looking like Mr Frosty. It does grant you shield protection, mind you, giving a total Health score of 100. And it remains in place until this drops to zero or the player uses another item/builds.

If dressing up is not your thing, though, you can projectile fire these sneaky snowman around the place to confuse the enemy that way. That will make them destructible but it doesn’t limit your character as much as the outfit.

However, it’s not all good news. Epic Games are also taking the opportunity to remove a number of fan favourite items. So we can say goodbye to the grappler, Quad Rocket Launcher and Port A Fortress whilst we’re at it.

They are, at least, adding a new Sniper Shootout game to the game.

The sneaky snowman can be collected from supply llamas, chests or as floor loot. Its drop stack size is 5 and it has a max stack size of 10. But the moral of this story is you’ll never trust a snowman again.

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