Drive Club Will Be Holding A Double Fame Event

Drive Club Will Be Holding A Double Fame Event

Update: It’s been less than an hour since we wrote this but in the meantime Sony has closed down Evolution Studios, you can check out our full write up on the sad event here. We assume the double Fame event will still be going ahead, but if that changes we’ll be sure to update and let you know. The original article is below.


Evolution Studio’s PlayStation exclusive track racer, Driveclub, will be holding a double Fame event this April. What does one have to do to receive this most gracious bounty? Well it’s quite simple really, all you have to do is race using any Lamborghini vehicle in the game and the double Fame is yours for the taking. The event itself will be starting on the 1st of April at 1:00PM and ending on the 18th of April at 1:00PM.

Driveclub launched to lukewarm reviews, but if you haven’t picked up the game yet it is a solid racer with a loyal community, so despite the reviews it might be worth looking into. There’s also the Driveclub Bikes expansion if car racing isn’t your thing. The only foreseeable issue facing the game is the release of Gran Turismo Sport later this year which will more than likely cannibalise Driveclub’s community (ok considering the above update maybe GT Sport wasn’t the only foreseeable issue facing Driveclub).


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