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DriveClub Gets Pulled Off the Road This August

Sony has made an announcement that DriveClub will lose its licence and be removed from the PlayStation Store on August 31st. This will encompass all versions of the game, including DriveClub Bikes, DriveClub VR, and DLC.

Worst still is the news that the online servers are also being turned off, though this will occur at the later date of March 31st, 2020. As this only affects the online portions of the game, the offline content will remain playable. But leaderboards and challenges will be no more.

This news comes as quite the surprise, especially when you consider the effort that the VR release would have demanded. As a result, you’d expect it would make more commercial sense to leave them up for sale for as long as the PS4 is flying off the shelves. But then again, Evolution Studios are no more and Sony are more in the know when it comes to plans for the next generation. Maybe there are greater plans afoot.

If you’re sitting on the fence, rest assured, DriveClub is a solid game – far greater than its launch state made out. The bikes in particular are a joy to “ride”. But you’d better get your foot on the gas because you don’t have long – the red light will eventually refuse to change back to green.

Are you surprised to hear that Sony is parking DriveClub, permanently? Or has it ran its tank dry? Drift a comment into the box below. 

Source: PlayStation Official

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