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DriveClub Update 1.28 Brings DriveClub VR’s Urban Tracks to Base Game

There’s a brand new update available for PS4 exclusive racer DriveClub, update version 1.28. The new update isn’t just little tweaks and bug fixes; it brings some fresh content to the game that was previously only available for DriveClub VR players.

The 1.28 update brings urban tracks from Canada, Chile, Norway, Japan, and India to the regular version of DriveClub. What’s more is that it’s absolutely free and you don’t need to purchase any DLC, or have the season pass tied to your account. It’s good for DriveClub players, though we imagine some DriveClub VR players won’t be too happy to learn that what they’ve paid full price for is being given out for free.

The update is out now on PS4 and will eat up around 5GB of hard drive space. Not too bad for a nice collection of tracks.

What’s your take on DriveClub getting DriveClub VR’s tracks for free? Happy that more people can enjoy the urban routes, or are you a little miffed? Don’t turn too harsh into the comments section below.

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