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DriveClub VR Tracks Will Be Added to DriveClub on PS4 for Free

DriveClub VR is set to release later this year, though the upcoming racer is still without a firm release date. What we do know about the game is that it’ll have some brand new tracks for players to race around in virtual reality.

If you’re a massive DriveClub nut but aren’t too keen on shelling out for the pricey PlayStation VR headset and game to play the new tracks, the good news is that you won’t have to. According to Paul Rustchynsky, the former game director of DriveClub, the new tracks in DriveClub VR will be added to the base game as a free update for all current DriveClub players. Not too shabby, eh?

“The new tracks will be added to DriveClub in a free update as a thank you for your continued support,” is what Rustchynsky told his adoring followers on Twitter.

Not a bad move, we reckon, though it does mean you’re essentially just paying to play the game in VR mode if you get it with the PlayStation VR kit.

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